Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Moroccanoil 16 Oz Shampoo & Conditioner Set with PumpFrom Moroccanoil

Moroccanoil 16 Oz Shampoo & Conditioner Set with Pump From Moroccanoil Review

Customer Reviews Most helpful customer reviews 27 of 29 people found the following review helpful. Is this the real deal? By Helene1 I ordered this product back on May 11, 2012. About 1/2 is left in the bottles. My initial purchase of this product was from another vendor in November 2011 and I fell in love with Moroccanoil. In an effort to cut cost along with getting a larger size, I went with this vendor. The product arrived OK...each pump had tape across the top and were in an unmarked box and then placed in a bubble envelope. The box was crushed but the product seemed unharmed so I thought nothing of it. For quite sometime I've thought it was me...the product does not smell like the initial product purchased from the other vendor and my hair is horrible. It's dry and's almost like I had washed it with detergent. In frustration I recently asked a friend to give it a try and she had the same reaction...almost no smell to the product and no healthy-hair feeling you should get from Moroccanoil. So, the two bottles are sitting there while I try to decide what shampoo to try next if this Moroccanoil is, in fact, the real deal. Anyone have a product and vendor recommendation? 5 of 5 people found the following review helpful. Cannot be beaten by another brand By S. Vasudev My stylist introduced me to this product in the salon. However, i didn't buy the product for the longest time since the skeptic in me always believed that salon products dont necessarily deserve the price tag. My love affair with this product started after a salon incident - my scalp reacted to some product used in a salon in India and i ended up with severe skin rashes, itchiness that kept me awake at nights and lost a ton of my beautiful long and very thick hair. Once i was back, i went to my stylist to get her opinion on what i should use. Among other things, she, again, recommended the shampoo. This time i gave in since all other shampoos were irritating my skin, and bought the smallest bottle available. Oh! Did i love it! Ofcourse there's the fragrance etc, but you can get that in other products. The differentiation was (1) this, and only this shampoo did not irritate my skin (i tried going back to cheaper versions but my skin wont let me) and (2) in the longer run it significantly improved the texture of my hair and slowed the hair fall.Anyway, once the small bottle was gone, i went back to regular brands for over an year and discovered that I was losing more hair. Eventually, gave in and spent a fortune on this set. But i am glad i did. I've been using this for an year now and here's a list of things that will make me buy this over and over again- Hair texture has improved significantly- I am not losing as much hair as I was- I spend a fortune in getting my hair colored and this shampoo makes the color last for at least twice as long as the other shampoos- Over a period of time, i feel like the washes last longer - i usually had to wash my hair atleast every other day to avoid bad hair days. With this shampoo, i've regularly avoided washing hair for 2-3 days.The only deterrent is the price. I am constantly looking for deals. I think the best is to buy the 32 oz set.I would highly recommend the product!Disclaimer: I have long, frizy hair that have a tendency to get oily and and flat easily. The products effect on other hair type might be different. 3 of 3 people found the following review helpful. Not Real Product By Terry I've used the Moroccanoil products before and these were not the real thing, they are mixed with something. When I shampooed my eyes were burning from the smell and the product didn't even smell like the real Moroccanoil should. Plus, packaging was poor, product leaked out in the bag... See all 66 customer reviews...

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